Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hpa An & Sadan Cave, Myanmar (Burma)

Hpa An is capital of Kiyan state close to Thai boarder. Most of the state is closed for foreigners. From Mawlamyine you can go two hours by bus or five hours by boat. Boat is slower and more expensive but we like boats. Near Hpa An are also some caves, so this would be also quite adventurous... click read more.
finally light! But...

Normal boat is not working because of rainy season, and because its too dangerous, at least that’s what they told us on jetty. But twice more expensive tourist boat from hostel is working, hmm we don’t like it but we needed break from all the buses. We started from Mawlamyine early morning. Boat just for five people. We, Chloe and one couple. The way was long, loud and rainy. But fresh air, watching all the fisherman on the river and some nice views made it worthy.
Almost like on a luxury yacht
In Hpa An we walked a bit longer than we expected. But we found hotel,we bought some pancakes on the street and went around town. Chloe took a bus back to Mawlamyine.
In the morning we wanted to go to top of mount Zwegabin where is a monastery where monks feed monkeys and we will get there also some lunch and maybe also stay for night. But it was so rainy that we changed the plan and went to Sadan Cave.

First information we get was that because of water is not possible to go there, latter we find out that we can travel with shared pick-up to village an the other side of mountains and try to go there from there. And it was possible. After one hour in pickup we found the village, and another this time not public but private pickup took us right in front of the cave. We payed by biscuits.
Entrance to cave full of Buddhist thigs
Entrance to the cave looks like monastery, full of Buddhist statues, stupas and one big reclining Buddha. We keep shoes even if we know we shouldn't but to explore cave with bare feets.. Its too much. We passed some workers making a concrete path and we continued into darkens.
things like this...

Or this...

or this...

Our headlights are not strong enough for caving so our camera flesh had to help us sometimes. Cave was huge, wet and noisy. Sound of water and probably thousands of bats over our heads was pretty scary. Inside of cave was also strange crickets and small scorpion-like animals. We continue from hall to hall sometimes through water. It took about an hour. And when we saw the light on the end we were honestly happy and when we heard few more pretty creepy sounds we were almost running to be outside. :)
Exploring the darkness
Gosia with headlight

End of tunnel
The view from the other side of cave was really beautiful and worthy the adventurous way. From the other side its possible to take boat back to the beginning. But now its a rainy season and no people coming to cave so... pity. And because we didn’t want to swim across the lake/swamp there was only one way back.. This time much faster, not only because of sounds and animals but also because of weather. If streets can change into rivers in 20 minutes, the small river inside cave can close our way. Everything end up good, we found the way back, we waited about an hour until the rain stops and we went back to Hpa An to our hostel.

And a dinner

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