Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mallacoota, Australia

Mallacoota is small village in the most south-eastern corner of Australia. There is a huge system of lakes and the bush around is an national park. We stayed two weeks helping to local family with three lovely daughters. There was plenty of time for bike trips, beach activities and even fishing.. 
Mallacoota ocean coast

In the last car we hitched on the way to Mallacoota there was two young girls who gave us some information about our host. Mark and Kate are very relaxed and awesome hosts. Their daughters were also very nice, they introduced us to all the animals, each from 20 chickens has a name and most of them has an interesting life story too. They have few Guinea pigs, Audrey the cat and and Amy the dog. We were wery lucky we found this family. Thanks to them we  enjoyed every day of out two weeks stay in Mallacoota. And there was a dessert after dinner every day.. mmm... 
Gosia Audrey and amy
What does the Ken do with Barbies and horse in shower stays unclear..
First day Mark took us to car and show us around Mallacoota. There is nothing in the town but the ocean, cliffs and lakes around are beautiful. There are cycling paths and picknick areas everywhere. Whales are passing the town and are often visible from beach but we were unlucky. We saw just one seal no whales.
Gosia with Mark
One of many Mallacoota's beaches
The work in Mark and Kate family wasn't hard. Just some cleaning and weeding on garden and moving lawn.. Michal was again a bit unlucky and another mover does not survive. This time the mover kind of explode and end up with big hole in engine...
We had a mountain bikes available all the time and we used them very often. Usually for shorter trips to beach or to lakes. Tricky thing on Australian bikes is that they have mixed up front and back brake (front break on right hand).
Biking and fishing
Biking around Mallacoota lake
Single track in the Narrows
And to beach again
We also celebrated 6 months on the way. We bought a bottle of sparkling vine and dunk it on the beach.
6 months out from Europe celebration 
Michal even tried fishing, first time in his life. Of course he did not catch any fish. And as expected it wasn't big fun. But we keep the rod until we catch something.
Mallacoota Wharf
When we were not biking around there was always some family program to do. Once we they took us to boat trip to another side of lake where we made barbecue.
BBQ spot
Our host Family
Another time we made a magic log fire on the Secret Beach. Where we met some Australian celebrity fisherman fishing for sharks. Gosia felt that they are just kidding but soon she stated to pull out sharks out of ocean.
Little one but still a Shark
Log-fire on beach
And last day we were zip-lining on the garden.
Garden zipline
Any attacking Gosia
In the end of our stay we were a bit sad because obviously the helpX we made in Blue Mountains and this one in Mallacoota were so exceptionally good that it will be very hard to find another such a good place and people to stay with. And also until now, for the first 31 days in Australia we does not spent a single dolar for accommodation and our overall expenses are about three dolars per person per day.
Hungry Pelikans

Kangaroos on golf course - the best spot for photos :)

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