Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bordeaux and Pau, France

We met with Gosia on bus stop in center. Michal had sandwiches because he knows that Gosia is always hungry. We made a pick-nick in front of cathedral and we walked around the city center. It was nice sunny day, we were happy that we met again and that we are starting new adventure.

Again on the way!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Michals way from Prague to Bordeaux

This summer was special. Gosia spend it in between Holland, Poland and Czech Republic. Holland – working, Poland Family and friends and Czech to visit Michal. Michal was just in Prague in his old job. We does not earned enough money to travel for another year but our boat tickets to Brasil was already booked and three months of not-traveling was more than enough so in the end of September we met again in Bordeaux (the worlds capital of wine). 


Working and sightseeing in Holland

Yes, Holland, not Poland. Our bank accounts were empty after one year of travelling. Michal stayed in Czech. It was possible for him to come back to previous job but not for Gosia so she went to Holland. Gosia's brother working and lives already more then 5 years in Holland so she decided to go to visit him and also work over there during summer.

Like from postcard