Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gran Canaria, Spain

Canary Islands, we probably wouldn't have an idea to come to here if  our ship to South America wouldn't start from here. But. If we are already here we we took at least week to explore the Grand Canaria Island. Nicknamed as little continent. With all colors of beaches, high mountains and even a desert on area some 50 x 50 km. 

Atlantic Ocean , the beach and the dunes in one place in Maspalomas

Monday, October 19, 2015

Camino de Santiago part II (Leon to Santiago)

We have 11 days to finish last 310km of the pilgrim. This will be very different than crossing Pyrenees. This part of Camino will be more about social and cultural experience than about trekking and about nature. The way is incredibly popular and busy. More than 200 000 people made Camino in 2014 !!!  And the number is growing thanks to movies and books written about it. Americans, Asians, tourists, pilgrims trekkers or just people who want run away from their regular stressful or boring lives. People with religious reasons starting to be a minority here. 

Our feets on the finish line, Santiago cathedral

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pamplona, Burgos and Leon, Spain

We walked almost 300km but Santiago its still almost 700km. We need to cheat a bit and skip part of the way.. We did not feel good about it but have ship to catch in about two weeks. 
Someone told us that we shouldn’t skip historical city of Burgos. And also Pamplona – the Basque city of bullfighting sounds like very interesting place to visit. We will cantinue walking the last 310km from another historical city Leon.

Cathedral in Leon

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Camido de Santiago part I. (Pau to Puente la Reina)

The legendary pilgrim of St. Jacob. You Can walk from your home town in the other side of Europe, you can go just for a longer weekend the last 100km or whatever in between. We had a bit more than three weeks and more than any our spiritual reason our motivation was curiosity and sightseeing. Well for Gosia it wasn’t first Camino to Santiago. She made the Portuguese way from Porto before. This time we choose the southern Camino Frances. From Pau or Oloron to Santiago. So from the beginning we knew we can’t make it all the way to Santiago. But we wanted to start in France on this less popular way and cross the Pyrenees.
Pilgrim in the France