Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Guatape, Colombia

This was nice surprise. Small town on the bank of huge lake. Close from here Pablo Escobar had his fancy fortress villa. The villa is a ruin now and the town became the favorite vacation destination for both tourists and locals.
Fountain. The old man from the fountain is alive. You can see him behind the fountain

Bus took us right to the center of town. It was in the middle of the week so there was no problem to find a hotel. There are some backpackers hostels too but to pay for dormitory beds would be more expensive than a nice small but clean hotel room.
Typical south american hot shower. Yes, sometimes you get a small shock from it.. 

Little plaza with caffees
There is not much to do in Guatape. We were just walking around and enjoying all the colorful houses a lake views. Together with good food and the mild weather, well sometimes even quite cold. We had a nice day.

Typical "menu economico":  Meat, beans, fried banana + sometimes egg and salad
Streets of Guatape

Another we took tricycle or mototaxi or tuk-tuk to El Peñón. Its a rock and pretty big one. There is no lift or cable-car up there but quite long stairs going up. The entrance fee wasn't so friendly but the views suppose to magnificent.

Stairs to Penol
On the top is restaurant and souvenir shop ad the views are really impressive.

View of the artificial lake
Michelada, colombian style. Without chili sauce. Just with salt and lemon juice
From Guatape we took overnight bus to Bogota. Its not too far away so we wanted bus as late as possible. On the bus-station on Medellin-Bogota highway we shorted time by domino with local mans. Gosia was their secretary and she wrote down the scores.

The domino with locals..

If you start counting it and play for money this child game can change into quite interesting game with different strategies and so.. 
Also the people were interesting.. Pity we does not get closer to them, the stories of their lives have to extremely interesting. They probably used to work for "El Patron" maybe they even related to him. In any case the life here seems to be much better an peacefull now. 

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