Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Medellin, Colombia

There were 6349 murders in Medellin just in one year (1991). Mainly thanks to Pablo Escobars drug cartel. Once the most dangerous city in world changed to good place to live. It has perfect position in a valley where the weather is springlike all year round. There is plenty on culture, museums, and universities. And they kill just few hundred people yearly here now so its pretty good for Latin American city.  

Botero's statues

Michal lost his banking card (again). The only card we were using. So Gosia took over our financial management and right the first evening bought few more flight tickets. So we flew to Medellin from Barranquilla. Colombia has some exceptionally cheap domestic flights, even cheaper then bus if you book it in advance. Barranquilla does not have much to offer to tourists. And we made a big mistake in our plan. We didnt know that Barranquilla host the Colombian biggest carnival just few days after we left. Big pity..

One of countless squares in the city

We had an early morning flight so we spend night camping in airport as we usually. We arrived to Medellin quite early, we found hostel in El Poblado district. Its nice and safety district full of bars, restaurants and hotels.

El Poblado district

We take it easy in Medellin. We wasnt in the mood for museums so we just walked around enjoying the mild weather. We went to botanical garden, to center to admire Boterss "fat" statues. To see cathedral and markets.

Fat art of Boters
Fat man on the fat horse

It was nice and relaxed two days. In the end of our stay we took a cable car which works here like public transport and goes up over the slams. Actually what looked like slums five years ago during Michals firs visit. Now it looks like normal houses and quite clean streets. Medellin made a big progress or Michal changed his definition of slum. 

Medellin public transport by cable cars

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