Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bogota, Colombia

Colombia's capital and biggest city. We booked a hostel here but in stayed with locals in the end. Michal was here in 2011 and have to say that not much changed since then. Its still pretty exciting city. With all the advantages and disadvantages of south american metropolis.

Title of this piece of art is "The Hell"  Botero gallery...

Three days before we came we booked an hostel in historical La Candelaria district for 3 nights. So from the terminal we went straight there. We check in, and once we connect to internet we found out that a couple from Couchserfing accepted our couch request. In the end we had to pay just for one person for one night and we moved to Felipe and his girlfriend

In Simon Bolivar park
Gogota and Monserrate in background
They have nice apartment not far from center, perfect base for exploring the city. First sight we visited was Museum of Gold. Probably one of the nicest museums in South America. Together with walk around the center this was program for one full day.

The little of Gold which wasn't melted into bricks and moved to Spain

Some of them looks really like from other planet..
Second day we went to center again, this time the goal was to climb up to the church on a hill above the city. Unfortunately they does not aloud us to walk up there. Mainterence of the paths or lobby of the cable-car company. So the only way up was by not very cheap cable-car. The church itself is quite normal white church but the views are of city are magnificent.

Cable car up to Monserrate

In front of church, 3152 meters above the sea level

In the afternoon we went the historical district to visit Botero's museum. And modern art museum

Botero's Mona

Contemporary Colombian Art

And we finished the day on the main square with huge cathedral and all the governmental buildings.

Metropolitan Cathedral on Bolivar Square
Our last day in Bogota Felipe took us to big market place. Full of new foods and fruits to taste. We bought a lot of nice fresh food and Felipe with Gosia's cooked a delicious and quite unforgettable lunch.

This is where the locals shop..
Lot of stuff, spices and so..Amazing..
With our hosts
The way to airport was easy. Direct “Transmilenio” just in front of terminal. 

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