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Mexico City, Mexico

We've been there in February of 2016. Shortly DF (Districto Federal) or now newly CDMX (Ciudat de Mexico) is one of the biggest cities in the world. It has some 25 millions inhabitants. We had no good expectations about such a big city. We expected something Jakarta of Manila. Chaos, traffic, pollution and criminality. Yes, some districts are maybe like this but from what we've seen, DF is a modern clean city where we could imagine live and work. Probably the biggest positive surprise from this part of world.

Teotihuacan Pyramides

It was an overnight flight from Colombia to Mexico, well just five hours, so we spend most of the night walking on airport and we slept maybe hour or two. There is a metro station right on the airport and Mexican metro cost just 5peso, its about 0,20euro. So it is probably the cheapest airport-city connection ever. But we does not went to the center but to one of many districts further north where our next couchsurfing hosts lives.

Welcome Mexico !

They and their bobtail puppy welcomed us and because it was still quite early in the morning and because we were quite excited about Mexico we went straight to city. To Avenida Reforma district for the beginning. This is when Mexico city started surprising us and it does not stopped for all four days. The metro transit station changed into museum. Modern streets with new skyscrapers. Clean and no traffic. Well it was Sunday and the main street was open for bicycles only and what was the best.. the delicious Mexican street food on each corner.

Reforma street
We walked into a huge park with maybe five different museums. Because of Sunday there were plenty of people, usually families. We visited small but architecturally beautiful museum of modern art and we wanted to go other museums too. On Sunday the entrance suppose to be free. But in second museum we found out that this is just for Mexicans and foreigners have to pay. This was a bit disappointing and the weather outside was nice so we decide to continue sightseeing the exteriors instead.

The Reforma street goes couple of kilometers from the park to old city, its full of modern office buildings and on Sunday without cars also very nice for walking. We played the game called “find a Starbucks”. The office people here have obviously obsession with this coffee chain and there is one in each building. More than 20 just on this one street.

Second day we went to the Coyoacan district. It is old prominent district on the other side of the city. It took us maybe two hours by public transport to go there. The first objective was to find Frida's house and see some of her paintings there. 

Frida's most famous painting in Museum of Modern Art

We found it but on Monday it was closed. So we went to explore the nearby district and again we were very nice surprised how beautiful this city can be. Nice markets, the local one with nice food and also the artistic one with the tourist stuff. Nice churches, clean streets, renovated squares, modern restaurants and coffees.

Souvenir Shop
Restaurant nicely inviting to come inside
Art market

This day was actually Michal's birthday so we went to have a beer in one of the restaurants to celebrate it but because it get very cold we had just one and we went back to our hosts. The weather here was also a surprise, we needed our gore-tex jackets every day.. Quite fresh here.

Mexican food is awesome!
In the evening we finished the celebration with bottle of Mescal with a worm and a Mexican card game with special made cards designed by our new Mexican friends.. After that we got it as a gift, Thank you

Mexican style

Third day was busy.. The historical centre. It was a lot of walking in the wide and busy streets. Between big historical buildings to main plaza. They were getting ready for visit of the Pope here so there were barriers and tribunes everywhere. Obviously the Pope visit is a big event for Mexicans.

Let's call to Pope

After visiting the Cathedral we went through market streets, each street specialise in different product, one full of paper shops, another with clothes and one all street was even specialised in selling of baby Jesus figures and little clothes for them. All colors and all sizes.

Mexican version of Jesus
Where is my bike?
It was quite a few kilometers we walked until we came to Arena Mexico. We suppose to meet our hosts and also Brenda's mother to go to one of the most bizarre but also very interesting and super Mexican show. The Lucha Libre. We waited maybe half an hour and when our friends does not show up we went in alone. Later we found out that they were waiting on another entrance on the other side of building. 

Arena Mexico where we watched Lucha Libre show-fights

The show was unique. They took our camera and gave it back after the show, so we have no photos. At least some description of just google it... Masked muscled mans and woman performing wrestling no rules fighting. Alone, in teams, good agains bad ones, Mexicans agains Puertoricans... It's played theater more than fighting but some of the acrobatic parts are quite impressive. Also the audience is interesting. Mexicans cheering up like on a world cup final, European backpackers hardly finding what the hell is going on and why this is happening. Japenese girl cry. We love new and interesting experiences, so we are very happy we've seen it. It's a pity we wasn't there with our Mexican friends, it would be probably even more intensive experience. 

Concert included if you buy a bus ticket
For the last day in Mexico City we went to Teotihuacan. Aztec pyramids just about an hour from the city. We used normal public bus. This time with a music band on board. It's quite usual, once it's a music band, next time a “priest” reading and acting parts of Bible or an medicine man with long speech selling universal medicine for everything..

Teotihuacan Pyramides 

Temple of the moon
Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacan

The Teotihuacan is an huge sight. UNESCO and everything but in the middle of week the parking place was empty and there was more souvenir sellers than visitors. The main attraction are the Pyramids of Sun and Moon and a Museum. To walk around and climb the pyramids took us about 4 hours.

Souvenir seller
Find orange point


Than in the evening already we went to pick up our backpacks, one cervesa michelada with our hosts for a good bye and to airport. Yes, the domestic flights in Mexico are affordable if booked month in advance and to go to Cancun or Merida by bus would be about the same price or even more expensive. As usually we had and early morning flight so we spend the night on airport. 

Teotihuacan art
and more sacrifices

You can read more about Teotihuacan history on the page :

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