Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum used to be Yucatan well kept secret. All the american tourists went to Cancun eventually to Playa del Carmen and Tulum stayed the backpackers base. But there are Mayan ruins right on a beach and cenotes around. And the beach is nicer than those near Cancun so tourists already found Tulum. It's still place without big hotels but to talk about Yucantan secret makes no sense anymore. 

Mayan ruins in Tulum

It was a long way to go to Tulum. Early morning ferry form Holbox, bus to Cancun and another one to Tulum. There are two options in Tulum: to stay camping in one of the beach resorts or to stay in the town. The main reason why we stayed in town was probably the absence of public transport between town and beach. Also our backpacks getting heavier and we wasn't in the mood to walk the 5km to beach. So we went to hostel in town. First time after two weeks we were paying for accommodation. Couchsurfing was exceptionally good in past days. Except of all the nice people we met we also saved some 300 euros for accommodation just in last two weeks. 

Dinner in Tulum

The most special thing in Tulum are the Mayan ruins situated right on the beach. Those ruins are the most impressive pyramids in Mexico. It's actually quite small area but together with the Caribbean sea in background it's truly exceptional place. 

The most beautiful situated ruins in whole Mexico
Mayan ruins in Tulum

Right in the archeological site there is a beach so in the middle of the sightseeing the ruins you can have a dip in a sea. It was dip and also a beach picnic in our case. 

Amazing beach under the Mayan ruins..
..with not the smallest waves ever

For us the animal lovers the another attraction was the presence of sometimes pretty big Iguanas. The are everywhere around, in and on the ruins. 

Even the iguanas love this view!

We stayed three nights and most of our time we spend on the beach. Well, there is no public transport and to take taxi like all other tourists it's not our style so we were hitchhiking between town and beach every day. It was super easy. 

The beach in Tulum

In addition of all above there was a carnival in Tulum during this weekend. So every evening the caravan of allegorical cars with dancers was passing the streets. It was nice surprise. Tulum became our favourite place in Mexico.

Carnival in Tulum

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