Our shoestring budget...

Details about each country below. 

In Average in Asia we stayed in second cheapest possible guesthouse in double room, we never make reservation in advance. We eat street food or local food twice a day and in cheap restaurant once a day, drinks are included in food, usually water and in average one fresh juice and one beer a day. We ate a lot but anyway Michal lost 7Kg in Asia. We travel cheapest class and public transport, we never use agencies to buy tickets. If possible we travel overnight to save money for hotel. We do not party. (don't know why). In “Other” there are mostly entrance fees, cosmetics, banking and currency exchange costs and some necessary cloths. We do not buy souvenirs yet. “Visa” category includes departure taxes. Airfares includes 1 checked luggage for two persons. In Borneo we started to hitch-hike and in Philippines partying. 
Australia is a different story. HelpX changed everything. See below. 

Our daily budget including all international transports. Its 15,3 EUR per person per day based on our expenditures for the first 195 days. This includes absolutely everything we ever payed during our trip. 

Accommodation for 2,58 EUR a day is unbelievable but possible thanks to 33 nights Couchsurfing, 24 nights HelpXing, 13 nights in transport and 8 nights camping. In hotels, hostels guesthouses or payed home stays we spent 117nights. 

Short stopover, we stayed three days and two nights. Accommodation couchsurfing, transport just from and to airport (train), food just from supermarket. 
May/June 2014. Already low season, very cheap accommodation and two overnight transports. There was not much rain yet. It was definitely best time to visit Thailand.

June 2014. We flew from Bangkok because of closed land boarders. Today one land boarder should be already open. There was low (rainy) season but accommodation still expensive, high entrance fees, food and beer very cheap. No tourists here, heavy rains in south of country. Still good time to visit. 

Jun/Jul 2014. No special tourist season. Ramadan - much less food on streets and restaurants available during daytime. One night couchsurfing, no overnight transport. 

No seasons, accommodation Couchsurfing. Other costs: cinema and lens cap.

Jul/Aug 2014. High tourist season – high prices of Acc., Muslim holidays (end of Ramadan) – Very high prices for transport, we had to take two domestic flights because of bus and train prices were skyrocketing.. High prices of accommodation in Bali, low in Sumatra. One night couchsurfing three nights overnight transport.

Aug/Sep 2014, no special season, prices overall higher than in western Malaysia, we were choosing the cheapest accommodation possible and we started to hitch-hike which was excellent. Anyway we needed three domestic flights. We spent just four nights couchsurfing and one night on airport.

Sep 2014, no season Brunei is not very touristic place. Brunei should be more expensive, specially accommodation. But we found amazing couchsurfing for all five nights there.

Oct 2014, End of typhoon season and still far away from the tourist one. Philippines was one of the cheapest countries. For the safety reason we used just public transport, No more hitchhiking. We also start enjoy more of the cheap beer here, we met more people and made more parties. Which mean cheaper accommodation - 10 night on couchsurfing but also much higher expenditures for drinks (in food category).  

3,1EUR is not a mistake. It will grow a bit but hopefully not too much. Prices here are higher than in western Europe. One bed in hostel dormitory in Sydney is about 30EUR for night so to travel similar like in Asia we would spend easily 60EUR per day per perrson. Traveling here required more planning, more hitchhiking and some work. With our tourist visa we can volunteer and work for food and accommodation if tourism is a main porpoise of our visit. Well we found HelpX (similar to WOOFING) We finding jobs in interesting places and we work about 4hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation. Days in between we do couchsurfing. We also saved a lot of money thanks to our friends in Sydney.    


  1. nice one, it looks like you spend a lot of money on food in the Philippines ;)

  2. Yep, it was actually Michal's idea to include alcohol into "Food" category. Now it looks like food in Philippines is expensive.