Most important part of traveling.... :)

FOOD IN MALAYSIA - very tasty and mixed that's way we tried many indian food which is the best over all

"Mie goreng" which means noodles with vegetables and meat

Different king of "mie goreng"

Simple "mie goreng"
Mix of noodles meat and vegetable

Looks like a worms but it's was tasty

Something like a pizza also very good

The worst dessert ever. They call it ABC. Don't buy it.

It can happen they will serve you a meal like this.. very hygienic.

FOOD IN MYANMAR - cheap, spicy and always fresh made

If you don't know want to order... just drink!

Dinner made by family who were hosting us in the mountains, food just for 2 people

It was just one meal choose... for one person


we should order just one portion and toilet paper on the table it's standard

Fish eggs - the very best dish in Myanmar!

FOOD IN THAILAND - usually spicy and delicious  

Floating Market
    So good - you can't stop eating even for a photo
Fish Snack - perfect served

Coconut ice cream  - great served dessert

Orange with green peel - the same taste like in Europe
Gosia's nr 1 - I love this green vegetable
Amazing plate and food
Fried Noodle - available in all Thailand and very tasty

Duck from Chinese Restaurant

Delicious Meal - mix of vegetables with meat

The worst soup on the world - noodles with meat balls

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  1. Čau Michale, jestli jste ještě v Jakartě, tak si dejte nudle Bakmi GM, je to nějaká síť nudláren, ale mají nejlepší nudlovky, který jsem kdy jedl a cena úplně v pohodě. Ty nudle od nich jsou boží, tak hledej Bakmi (asi menším písmem to bude) a GM velkým....a pak taky curly noodles je v Jakartě výborný a nezapomeňte si dát Durian!:) Tomas Polan